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I'm loving the effective and manageable diet plans provided by Ms. Ruchi She's attentive, understanding, and always listens to my concerns. Highly recommended!

Muskaan Singh

Finally found the perfect dietician in Ruchi ma'am after trying a few others. She understands all my preferences and still helpsme lose weight with a simple, home-cooked meal plan. I've already seen great results in just one week. Highly recommend her for anyone looking to shed weight the healthy way

pallavi dham

Grateful for senior dietician Divya Saigal from for making my weight loss journey so effortless. Her diet plans keep me energetic and healthy, and the video counseling sessions are a great support. I've already lost over 8 kgs in less than 2 months. Highly recommend and their team for personalized diet plans

HIMANSHU JINDAL - Divya Sehgal is the best dietician! Her hands-on approach and extremely healthy and balanced diet have been effective. I'm experiencing weight loss in a planned manner while maintaining a sense of well-being. The video sessions keep me focused and on track. It's been a wonderful experience.

Anureet B

I appreciate the knowledge and overall assistance of Ruchi Mahajan, a senior dietitian, that has positively changed my perspective towards a healthier life. She emphasizes that losing weight doesn't mean losing food but rather avoiding junk and choosing a healthy diet. I highly recommend her

Smriti Ghildiyal

Thanks to niwai, Ruchi Mahajan's diet plan has helped me manage my diabetes, reduce insulin dependence, control cravings, and achieve weight loss. I feel healthier and more motivated towards a healthy lifestyle. I'm truly grateful for Ruchi's guidance

Aneeta Salecha

My wife took a diet plan from Ruchi Mahajan, which helped her lose 11 kg. The dietician was attentive, resolving any queries about the diet easily. She's a great dietician and the regular sessions, including video calls, were very helpful

Anurag Aggarwal

As a businessman, losing weight was difficult for me until I joined Senior dietician Divya Saigal guided me through video counseling, changing my perspective on diet plans. I discovered that I can do my work with more energy without starving myself. They considered my touring schedule as well. I've lost 7 kg in just one and a half months and look forward to achieving my target weight. Thanks to Divya Saigal and

Amit Kumar

Ruchi Mahajan has been an excellent and professional dietician, providing personalized support and advice. She takes the time to understand individual goals and needs, creating highly personalized plans that focus on health and nutritional balance. I highly recommend Niwi to my friends and medical colleagues

Deepti Prasad

I've had a fantastic experience consulting with Harvinder. Not only did I lose unwanted weight, but my energy levels also increased. She is highly knowledgeable and effective

Anshuman Chitraansh

She is awesome, cooperative, and helpful. She understands the patient and provides advice accordingly. One of the best places to get fit. Thank you for helping me lose weight. I lost nearly 4 kg in one month since starting on October 6. She is very humble and patient, always available to help with any queries. Thank you so much, Divya ma'am.

Shalu Mittal

With Ruchi Mam's guidance, I not only lost excess weight but also regained my confidence and energy. Her well-planned and easy-to-follow diets were tailored to my lifestyle. In just 3 months, I've already lost over 8 kg. Heartfelt blessings and thanks.

Varsha Tyagi

Highly motivating and completely satisfied with Harvinder Mam's guidance. She understands my preferences and plans my diet accordingly. I've lost 5 kg in 2 months and am aiming for more. Please keep motivating me, and thank you!

Shruti Maheshwari

Harvinder Chauhan is amazing. She has helped me figure out how to eat foods in the correct amounts to fuel my body properly. I have achieved positive results, losing weight and inches, and I feel great. Harvinder is flexible and holds me accountable when necessary. Her diet plan never leaves me feeling hungry at any time.

Charu Chopra

I am taking diet counseling from Divya ma'am since last 2 months. I have lost 6 kgs gradually. She is a very good dietician, and recommends diet according to need, one feels satisfied after the meal. She helped me in adapting to good habits of eating fruits, vegetables and milk products. I would recommend her.

Neha Saini

I am sharing my weight loss journey by posting it here. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Divya and her team at niwi for helping me achieving my weight loss goal. Thanks to their customized diet plan that was tailored to fit my routine and address all my concerns and limitations. One of the best things about working with Divya is that she took the time to listen to my needs, and the diet she designed for me was both tasty and filling. I highly recommend Diet niwi's services as a dietician.

Amit Sharma

Sorry! I am guilty of not responding to your request of a feed back earlier. I got busy sorting out some other medical complications at my age. I did benefit tremendously from your dietary regime. I am still continuing it as my daily food habit. I specially got to thank you for the idea of the ‘Kaada’; that I now consume daily to begin my day. To make it more potent for my diabetes I have started boiling with the gruel tulsi leaves, insulin plant leaves and a dash of Jamun and Karela powder along with ,ofcourse, Ajvain, Saunf & Kadi patta. It is benitfittng me greatly. I am also very appreciative of how patiently and humbly Ruchi ji conducted the weekly consultation and adjusted the diet to a patient’s convenience. I have a few suggestions for your consideration. Please include in your diet chart some preparations from the south (like idli- sambar etc) and Gujerat’s Dhokla plus some bajra preparations from Rajasthan. My blessings and best wishes for Holi. Col Susheel Paul, Veteran.

Paul Kumar

It’s been a wonderful journey with Niwi_ai! There are no yardsticks, makes it a lot easier on the mind as well. Prescribed plans are well balanced and nutritious, I’ve turned to trying out more recipes and making newer food choices that are healthful and delicious. Great counselling by Ms. Divya Saigal without a doubt and the flexibility she allows helps in meeting targets with amazing results. Thank you!!!

Roopa John

This has been the best experience ever, the dietesian Mrs. Harwinder understands your body needs, daily schedule and plans a diet which fulfils your daily needs as well as u loose weight in a healthy manner. I have lost a total of 5 kgs in a period of two months which i find very rewarding as per my age and routine.

Deepika Bhansali

Excellent service. Dr Ruchi and the entire team at Niwi are not only extremely professional in terms of organising your dietary plan, they are always available, whenever required. I started in November 2022, right in the middle of wedding season. Despite the weddings, Diwali etc. I have managed to lose 3 Kgs, structured a better diet, and feel a significant improvement in my gut health. Can’t thank team Niwi enough for their guidance and help. Highly recommend it to all people with a hectic work schedule.

Aditya Sarin

Ruchi Mahajan is a great dietician - lost 10 kgs in 6 months under her guidance. Personalized diets and great individual support provided

Pranay Raj Kapoor

I am really thankful to my dietician Divya Saigal for supporting and guiding me through my bridal weightloss journey. I lost 7kgs in the span of 3 months with her diet plan. She helped me build sustainable eating habits without making me feel hungry. She kept me motivated and tweaked my diets as per my mood and schedule. I feel fresh, positive and more confident every day now :)


I started my diet with dated 14 October and within 20 days I have lost 5 kgs weight under the supervision of Divya Saigal with regular video session and asking my food preferences. And making effective diet plan which is healthy balanced and effective. Keeping in mind of the fact that I felt more energetic ans fresh. Motivating to do good. I am really thankful to her as she helped in achieving the weight loss journey with fun and activities

komal makhija

Thanku for the friendly diet schedule it helps me a lot for loosing weight regards all credit goes to Divya mam God bless her for her efforts to in courage us

annie arora

I am in touch with Dietitian Ruchi Mahajan since 2018, that time I was facing some breathing issue due to my over weight. My weight was 70 kg that time. Since I have started following diet suggested by her, I have reduced 18 kgs in 6 months and breathing problem is also gone now. This boosted by confidence too. And I am still in touch with her. In mid of 2022, again I was having some health issues, where she helped me with some immunity booster diets. She is an amazing dietitian. Now my wait is 48 kg which is maintained now. She is Highly recommend with my personal experience.. thank you so much

Richa Rastogi

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