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Replenish your body post the wedding with Detox App Available on Google App Available on AppStore

created by: Niwi

Date: 28-10-2022


The gala at Indian weddings is inevitable. No one can resist the food, the party, and the celebration. Had a spectacular time at the wedding that you attended with all the food to relish? Worried about the aftermath of weight gain, bloating, and unshakable tiredness? Detoxification is a splendid way to revive your body from toxins. It aids in the quick recovery of your body from all the foods that you enjoyed during the wedding season.

Here are some ways to feel refreshed and detoxify your body which is quick and easy.

  • Stay Hydrated: How to reduce bloating this wedding season? Drink water—at least three liters every day to enable your body in eliminating toxins and improving the metabolism. Without enough water, our skin cannot cleanse, our cells become clogged, and our bladder and kidneys don’t function effectively. We become exhausted and end up eating more as well. If you are feeling bloated as a result of taking too much sodium, the water will help to flush the salt out of your system faster.

  • Choose eating well: Concentrate on eating foods that are healthy. Consider the healthiest fruits, vegetables, and clean proteins - a balanced diet. Consume plenty of alkaline-rich fruits such as apples, bananas, berries, grapes, lemons, oranges, and watermelons. Reduce your intake of animal fat and deep-fried foods. Consume good food for health.

  • Detox drinks: Start your day with warm lemon water and continue to sip it throughout the day. Warm lemon water alkalizes the body, boosts metabolism, and reduces cravings throughout the day. Include a couple of cups of green tea in your daily diet, to keep your metabolism and digestive tract functioning efficiently. Fennel tea is also a good option because it helps with digestion. Drinking herbal teas in the morning soothes and relaxes your stomach.

  • Get Active: After a night of extravagance, cardio activities are the best method to reset your body. Begin your day with a 45-minute brisk walk. You'll sweat out the bloat and produce mood-boosting endorphins, putting you in the perfect frame of mind to make healthy eating choices the rest of the day, which your body needs to detox.

  • Control your salt/ sodium intake: Too much salt causes the body to retain water, and most foods consumed during the wedding season are heavy in sodium, producing excessive bloating. Salt can be replaced with spices such as black pepper, chilies, and herbs such as basil, celery, parsley, and oregano, as well as condiments such as vinegar and mustard.

  • Stay away from sugar and starchy carbohydrates: Refined flour and other starchy carbohydrates are high in sugar and should be avoided. To avoid sluggishness after the wedding season, replace it with complex carbs such as vegetables, and whole grains. If you want to detox your system, eliminate all artificial (processed) sugars. If you desire something sweet, try having fresh fruits, with a bar of very dark chocolate.

Following these tips will not only help you feel refreshed and remove toxins from your body but will also help you in managing your weight and eliminate any bloating. These steps when followed for a matter of a week will provide enhanced results. Here’s to healthy detoxing. Eat heathy stay healthy!

At, we have helped thousands of clients transform their lives and feel stronger, more energetic, and definitely more confident in how they look and feel, by improving their relationship with food.

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Renu Puri Senior Nutritionist at

Renu PuriCo-Founder at niwiM.Sc. in Foods & Nutrition

Renu Puri, a skilled expert with an M.Sc. in Foods & Nutrition, is dedicated to making India healthier through her initiative - niwi. Drawing from years of experience in providing computer training to top corporate clients in software and IT, Renu realized her true passion lies in promoting health and wellness. This led her to establish niwi, where she combines her expertise in technology with her love for nutrition. niwi specializes in understanding the deep rooted behavior patterns surrounding nutrition. Renu and her team offer personalized diet counseling, helping clients not only understand what to eat but also why. What sets niwi apart in a crowded industry of nutrition services is Renu's ethos of nurturing client's eating patterns and fostering a healthy relationship with food.

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