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created by: Niwi

Date: 28-03-2023


What can you expect from this blog 

A lot of times, we feel like we are not doing anything typically’ unhealthy, still, we end up gaining weight. This can be very frustrating and can take a toll on not only your physical health but also your mental health. However, there are a few things that are not considered to be ‘conventionally unhealthy’ but still do contribute to unexplained weight gain. 

Since this is a persistent problem that is faced by millions of people worldwide, our team of best dietitians in Delhi NCR have taken it upon themselves to present you with a blog that states all possible causes of weight gain for the people who feel that they are gaining weight without doing anything wrong.


Everyone nowadays is trying to lose weight. Be it you, your aunt, your neighbor, your friend, or your friend’s friend. Gyms are as crowded as they can get, there is a surge in demands for diet plans, and society parks are seeing an elevation in the number of people going on runs and walks. While there are many ‘conventional’ reasons that one could possibly gain weight, many don’t realize that little things you do can also contribute to weight gain. 

Some traditional methods of weight gain could be due to overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes, and even some medical ailment, diagnosed or undiagnosed. So, the first step to really figuring out why you are gaining weight is to rule out these things. If you think one of these could be a factor that is enabling your weight gain, you must get yourself evaluated by a registered dietitian in Noida or a medical professional as it could be easily fixed through a diet plan and optimum exercise. 

Although, if you feel that all of these things are in check, it is important to understand why you are gaining weight. While not all factors of weight gain are under your control, many of them are. 

Why is it essential to lose weight?

It is pivotal for your physical and mental health to maintain an ideal weight for an array of reasons. With weight gain comes many problems – being overweight can enhance the risk factor for multitudes of chronic diseases like heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, and many types of detrimental cancers. If you are at an ideal weight, your chances of getting acquainted with such ailments is lesser. 

You see, nowadays so many young celebrities and influential people are losing their lives to heart diseases and cardiac ailments. It’s all over the news – from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala to Raju Srivastav, many talented individuals have succumbed to this deadly disease. While the reasons for contracting heart disease are plenty, it is essential to note that weight loss can significantly reduce the risk of it. When you weigh too much, you can be subjected to high blood pressure and increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. These two factors are the major risk factors for heart disease. Losing weight can ensure that people can lower their blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

Weight loss is also extremely beneficial for preventing and managing type 2 diabetes. Go to any doctor or certified nutritionist and you will find that they recommend weight loss as the primary tool for dealing with type- 2 diabetes. Why, you may ask? Well, Obesity is a huge contributing factor in type 2 diabetes, and losing weight and getting out of the ‘obese’ zone can really help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. If you are at an ideal weight, your chances of developing type 2 diabetes are rather slim.

If you are someone who struggles with joint mobility and joint pain, losing weight could be really beneficial for you. If you are overweight, your body has to endure all the weight which ends up putting great amounts of strain on the joints of knees and hips. If you know someone who has been obese, you would know how difficult it could get for them to move around without pain. 

Physical health is not the only thing that is benefitted from losing weight, your mental health also stays at the top if you lose weight and stay in shape. Research has shown that losing weight results in a better mood and lower chances of battling anxiety and depression. This has to do with the endorphins that we release when we are exercising and working out. 

If you are looking for a confidence boost, there is nothing as good as healthy weight loss. Remember how Sara Ali Khan used to weigh 96 kilograms and elucidated in multiple interviews how her confidence and self-esteem took a massive toll due to her staggering weight gain. For many individuals like Sara Ali Khan, who have struggled with weight issues all their lives can really accomplish a lot by losing weight which can thereby have a positive impact on other facets of life, such as relationships and careers.

If you are looking to get pregnant, it is essential to lose weight. Obesity comes with a lot of complications, especially with regards to fertility. It can lead to gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and a plethora of birth defects. Ensuring that you stay in shape before pregnancy will reduce such risks and ensure that you have a happier and healthier pregnancy.

Whether it is to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart attacks and type 2 diabetes or to improve joint health and energy levels, the importance of being at your optimum weight cannot be undermined. 

Possible causes that may lead to unwanted weight gain

As discussed above, there are a plethora of benefits to weight loss but the real question here is – how do you know what is causing your weight gain? Read on to find out.

1) Portion Size

If you are gaining weight despite all your efforts, you have to be on the lookout for portion size. The portion of food you consume in all your meals can massively impact your calorie intake and we all know that consuming more calories than your body essentially needs can have a negative impact on your weight. Studies have shown that people tend to overlook portion sizes and underestimate how much they are eating when they are presented with large portion sizes. This can be very problematic, especially if you are consuming fatty foods which have a lot of calories. If you go to any fast-food place, you will notice that the portion sizes are bogus! Our minds have been conditioned to believe that those portion sizes are normal but in reality, it is far from the truth. We always recommend our clients and supporters to be mindful of their eating choices and always keep health and deictics in mind. You can use small plates and measure your portions to know exactly how much you are eating and how many calories would be in that particular meal.

2) Dietary Choices

Dietary choices are crucially important if you are looking to lose weight. The types of foods you eat have an enormous impact not only on your calorie intake but also impact your body’s metabolism and hormonal balance. Our team of best nutritionists in Delhi NCR recommend choosing nutrient dense foods that are filled with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. This is because such foods will ensure that you feel fuller for long while lowering your overall calorie intake. Foods like fruits, vegetables, pulses, beans, lean meats, and eggs are ideal food choices for anyone who is looking to lose weight. However, if you consume processed and calorie heavy foods, you will be prone to blood sugar spikes and crashes which will lead to increased hunger. You have to eat foods that are heart healthy and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to support muscle growth and repair. Remember, not all calories are the same. Eating foods closest to their natural elements/form provide a very strong satiety and make you feel nourished for longer. Whereas, junk eating makes us feel full but triggers us to eat more n’ more throughout the day.

3) Certain Medicines

Have you ever heard of people on anti-depressants gaining weight? In fact, I was recently watching an interview with the actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia who stated that although her journey in acting was smooth sailing, the anti-depressants she was taking to battle her mental illness made her gain a lot of weight around the belly area, which in turn led to frequent depressive episodes. That is true! Anti-depressants, birth control pills, certain steroids, and medicines may often result in weight gain and water retention. However, it is essential to get yourself evaluated because if you have a condition like untreated PCOS or hypothyroidism, your weight gain could be due to those reasons. Make sure to consult with a medical professional to rule out any possibilities of weight gain from the current medicines you are taking.

4) Tensions and Stress

We all go through stress. While some of us may go through higher levels of it than others, we can agree that stress is omnipresent in our environment. But did you know that it can also have a huge impact on your weight? Yes, you read it right. Let me get this straight – whenever you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called Cortisol. Now, this is also known as the stress hormone and is responsible for enhancing your appetite and encouraging you to eat more sugary and high calorie meals. The cravings you get under stressful conditions are due to the prevalence of Cortisol. Now, if this happens once or twice, that’s ok but for it to happen over time, your body will start storing the excess calories in the form of fat causing you to gain weight. On top of that, stress can affect your metabolism and make it harder for your body to burn off calories, leading to heaps of fat being stored in your body. Although it is not possible to completely avoid stress, it is possible to practice ways to unwind like meditation, yoga, or journaling. 

5) Insufficient Sleep

Apart from waking up cranky, lack of sleep also contributes to weight gain. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body tends to produce a hormone called Ghrelin, which is known to stimulate appetite and make you feel hungry, and very less of Leptin, another hormone that signals you to stop eating when you are full. So, you may end up overeating when you are sleep deprived as Ghrelin production will be way more than Leptin. Another reason for weight gain from insufficient sleep is its effect on the metabolism. When you have not slept well, your body takes a lot of time to process carbohydrates which leads to insulin resistance. If you have slept only for a very short period of time, your body can also release a lot of Cortisol which is the stress hormone that can lead to fat storage in the body. So, make it a priority to set a proper bed time and adhere to it no matter what. Smooth sleep transcends into smooth body functioning. Go for quality of sleep, over quantity of sleep. This can be done by avoiding any screen time atleast 1 hour prior to your bed time and maybe even developing an unwinding routine to feel relaxed.

Excuses don’t murder the fat, practices do…

It is possible to lose weight even when you would feel that it’s not. If you put in the effort, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving your weight loss goal. Now that you know the practices that will keep you from gaining unwanted weight, start fresh with a new mindset and new goals and see your life transform.

We believe anything is possible with the right mindset and good guidance. If you have a good guide, you can achieve anything and everything. That is why our registered dietitians in Delhi NCR take pride in helping people achieve their weight loss goals in a short time frame.

Be it nutrition guidance, personalized healthy meal plans according to your taste palette, suggesting practices to keep your weight off for good, or even something as simple as keeping you motivated, we do it all. Our registered dietitians in Delhi NCR take into consideration your body type, ailments, and specific goals to curate personalized plans that help you get rid of your weight, quickly and efficiently.

Ready to shed those extra kilograms? Join us on our mission to transform the lives of people!

Renu Puri Senior Nutritionist at

Renu PuriCo-Founder at niwiM.Sc. in Foods & Nutrition

Renu Puri, a skilled expert with an M.Sc. in Foods & Nutrition, is dedicated to making India healthier through her initiative - niwi. Drawing from years of experience in providing computer training to top corporate clients in software and IT, Renu realized her true passion lies in promoting health and wellness. This led her to establish niwi, where she combines her expertise in technology with her love for nutrition. niwi specializes in understanding the deep rooted behavior patterns surrounding nutrition. Renu and her team offer personalized diet counseling, helping clients not only understand what to eat but also why. What sets niwi apart in a crowded industry of nutrition services is Renu's ethos of nurturing client's eating patterns and fostering a healthy relationship with food.

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