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Weight Loss Transformation: Success Stories

Author: Renu Puri

Date: 06-01-2023


What you can expect from this blog

This blog entails the success story of one of our clients Kritika. We share her story in hopes of motivating a lot more people like her who think they can never lose weight. 

A set of 5 questions were asked in the interview in no particular order. Read on to find out how Kritika managed to lose 30 kgs with


Millions of people worldwide struggle with obesity and weight issues. In the fast-paced world that we currently live in, we are programmed to feel pressured to follow a specific beauty standard to “fit in”. That is the reason you will find so many infomercials and endorsements claiming that weight loss is super easy and that by taking a gummy, or a magic pill, you would lose weight more quickly than you anticipated. The “weight loss products” industry is worth a billion dollars and despite the astronomical valuation, there are millions of people who are still overweight.

If you scroll through Instagram and search within the hashtag #weightloss, more than 90% of the posts would be before and after transformations. In no way are we saying that it is wrong. Celebrating your accomplishment is something that should be done to keep you motivated at all times, but that is just one aspect of weight loss. Social media only glorifies the glamorous aspects of losing weight. However, it is very important to share stories of weight loss. People don’t just want to see your before and afters but they want to know about your journey - what made you start, what got you there, and what did you do when you were at your lowest.

So, today we have decided to share the story of one of our clients Kritika. Kritika, a 23-year-old sales consultant, is someone who has been overweight all her life. Her weight gain tendencies are a result of genetics and poor diet. She has been through a lot due to her weight and body image issues. When she came to us, she shared horrid experiences with her relatives which left us in an utter state of shock. From harsh statements like “no one will marry you if you look like this” to bogus advice like “stop eating and go on a 1-year juice cleanse”, Kritika’s confidence was crushed to bits.

The last straw for Kritika was when she went on a college trip with her friends to Goa. After some words of encouragement from her friends, Kritika decided to wear shorts to the beach - something that she was too conscious to do otherwise. Nervous to the core, Kritika finally built some courage and walked towards the beach, picking on her shorts to ensure that they don’t slide up. Before she could reach the shore, a group of young boys, about 18-19 years of age started making fun of her and laughed. She burst out in tears and ran towards the restroom. This was when she decided that since her weight is taking a toll on her mental health, she needs to do something to fix it.

That is when Kritika came to She wanted to break free from the mental prison she was in. She felt that she did not belong to the body she was in and would do anything to get fit. Through the right guidance, healthy meal plans & diets, and lifestyle changes, Kritika was able to get to her ideal weight. She is currently on her weight maintenance program with us and plans to also enroll her younger brother so he could lose weight in a healthy, sustainable manner as well.

Today, we want you to hear straight from the horse's mouth. That is why we have invited Kritika over today for an interview to share her story, struggles, achievements, and everything in between. Thank you for joining us, Kritika. We would love it if you could tell us about your weight loss struggles.

Kritika: As far as I can remember, I had always been overweight. I was 100 kgs at my heaviest. My parents were obese and so were my grandparents. In my teenage years, when all my classmates were reaching puberty and transforming into literal goddesses, I was eating away my feelings and gaining excess weight. I spent the majority of my life accepting my fate and making peace with the fact that I am overweight and this is how it will be for the rest of my life. Even today after reaching my goal weight, I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that this is me in my dream body, something that I wanted all my life. What's been the most incredible part of your journey?

Kritika: I feel a lot of people like me are not educated on the correct, healthy, sustainable ways of losing weight. Even my mother for that matter used to believe that the only way to lose weight is to stop eating. Understanding that nutrition has so many layers and educating people on the right way to lose weight has definitely been one of the most incredible parts of my journey. What was the biggest challenge in your weight loss journey?

Kritika: To be very honest with you, Ever since I came to Mrs. Renu at, my perception towards weight loss and dieting completely took a 180-degree turn. You understood my pain, guided me in the right direction, and never restricted me from eating my favourite foods. Diet never felt like a diet with, I was eating tasty food and still shedding those kilos. So if you ask me to pick out the biggest challenge I faced, I wouldn’t be able to tell you as there was none. What would you say to people struggling with weight loss?

Kritika: I would tell them that staying motivated on your own is very difficult, so please seek expert help from professionals who have helped people with similar goals. Don’t give up, your purpose in life is much more and you can not let your weight determine your worth. If you don’t like it, get on a mission to change it. Would you recommend to others?

Kritika: Yes. I highly, highly recommend to anyone who wants to get back in shape. Along with a customized diet plan suited to your tastebuds, their registered dietitians ensure to provide you with the correct guidance. Talking to team is honestly always therapeutic for me. I have recommended in my circle and even they have had so many positive things to say about you all. : Thank you Kritika. It was lovely having you over.

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