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Manage your Blood Sugar levels during the wedding season

Author: Renu Puri

Date: 28-10-2022


Who doesn’t enjoy the wedding season? Weddings are adored by everyone irrespective of age group. From the food, and meeting your loved ones to the celebrations, people want to make the most of the time that they spend at weddings. But is it the same for everyone?

Are you a diabetic who wants to enjoy the food this wedding season but are unsure of how to do it? Just because you’re diabetic, doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from the food you love. As of 2019, 77 million Indians have been diagnosed as diabetic and that number sees a rapid increase each year. This number is expected to increase by 134 million by 2045. There are multiple ways to manage your blood sugar levels with the help of doctors, dietitians, and trainers who help you stay fit. All of which can be managed without a hassle with consistency and persistence. You could have fun without putting yourself at risk for hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia with some forward planning and wise choices.

Typically, there isn't any diabetes-friendly diet meal plan available during weddings. Samosas, jalebis, bhajiyas, and much more, can cause your blood sugar to soar. Being mindful of the food available and choosing food appropriately will help in managing them.


  • Blood sugar test: Make sure it's under control or within the range you want. Keep a glucometer close at hand and check your blood sugar levels whenever and whenever you feel like it. If you feel uneasy at any point, do not hesitate to follow up with a doctor and take a diabetes test.

  • Plate method: Bear in mind how to use the plate method: Use non-starchy vegetables (like lettuce, cucumber-tomato salad, etc) on half of your plate, and keep grains and other starchy foods to the other quarter (Roti is a delicious, nutritious choice.) Fill the remaining part of the plate with clean and lean proteins (like chicken, fish, dal, chana, rajma, etc.)

  • Exercise: Exercise causes insulin resistance, enabling your muscle cells to utilize any insulin present to efficiently absorb glucose. In this method, short-term blood sugar reduction from exercise is possible. Your A1C may also be lowered if you engage in regular physical activity. During your wedding shenanigans, keep moving around, participate in that group dance, and let your inner child feel free to keep active.

  • Snacking: Carry some nuts or other wholesome snacks with you so you may satisfy your appetite. Have a high-fiber, low-carb snack that keeps you satiated for longer. Include some healthy snacks so you can avoid the additional processed and fatty foods. You'll protect yourself against such unforeseen desires with this method.

  • Hydrate: Drink more water than regular during this time as a shift in our routines makes it harder to stick to our usual habits. So, keep enjoying a nice glass of water because many-a-times, we’re just thirsty and not really hungry.

Your blood sugar levels will undoubtedly change during this period due to travel, erratic sleeping patterns, and indulgent wedding food. However, Diabetes control is possible through following your diabetic care regimen and encouraging healthy eating habits. Although healthy eating is important, don't forget to have fun! You can go to any event as long as your diabetes is properly controlled.

At, we have helped thousands of clients transform their lives and feel stronger, more energetic, and definitely more confident in how they look and feel, by improving their relationship with food.

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