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Eat your favourite foods guilt-free when on your diet during the wedding season

Author: Renu Puri

Date: 28-10-2022


Weddings, weddings, weddings… although enjoyed by all, become bittersweet when someone is on a diet and trying to lose weight. Even though you want to enjoy your favourite food, you are also conscious about your diet plan for weight loss. Do you want to enjoy your favourite foods during the wedding without feeling guilty? Do you also want to maintain your weight in spite of enjoying indulgent foods? Health and nutrition can sometimes take a backseat during the wedding season so we are presenting some effective tips for guilt-free indulgence from a registered dietitian here:

  • Planning ahead: The best thing you can do is plan ahead of time. Limit your sweets and eat smaller, more frequent, but nutritious meals. Include antioxidants, fiber, and protein in your diet well in advance of the event.

  • Portion control: Enjoy your favourite dishes, but keep your servings under check. When it comes to desserts, sharing may be a smart idea because we all know how difficult it is to resist. Also, don't let the starters, which are high in processed carbs and oil, be the end of your diet plans. Try to keep them to one or two pieces and no more. Use a small quarter plate at parties or when serving a buffet to help regulate the quantity.

  • Do not skip meals: Do not skip any of your meals. Attempting to save calories for the night may not help you. In fact, eating a high-fiber meal with vegetables during the day will keep you from overdoing it in the evening.

  • Avoid overindulgence: Without a strategy, the unlimited buffet can severely compromise your diet. Your choices will be based on the range of delicious cuisines that is available at the buffet. Eat better. Understand not to overindulge in the foods available but rather follow portion control. Make an agreement with each other that neither you nor your partner or a friend will overindulge. You may hold each other accountable in this manner and refrain from making poor decisions as a group.

  • Enough sleep: Get sufficient sleep. You may choose healthier foods on the celebration day, thanks to this. Hormone levels, especially those that regulate hunger, are impacted by sleep. When you're exhausted, your body may begin to want sweets since they cause serotonin and dopamine to be released right away. And because of that, it will be quite difficult to avoid the dessert table at the celebration.

  • Water: Drink enough water to curb your appetite so as to not overeat the foods available. Keep a check on your water intake and drink at least 10 glasses of water.

These simple strategies will make sure you enjoy the food at the wedding while keeping your weight and sanity in check so that you don’t lose your mind over your favourite foods. Relish the foods guilt-free!

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