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Healthy and effective ways to reduce weight before weddings

Author: Renu Puri

Date: 28-10-2022


Often when we set out to achieve a goal, we adopt an ‘all or nothing.’ We are either “all in” on our goals working really hard or the polar opposite known as ‘off track.’ Life doesn’t have to be that hard. The real skill lies in being able to be mindful about choices (both good and bad) each day, while also enjoying everything that life has to offer. One such thing, especially in India, are weddings.

Typing “best diet to lose weight” would not suffice. ⁣Instead of looking at the big picture and how much time or effort, it’s going to take you to achieve the goal - think about what you can do right now to take you closer. How do you achieve a goal and maintain it? You build habits and behaviors that support the goal. Every small step takes you closer to the goal. Don’t underestimate the power of taking that first step.

Make these following points a part of your daily living, even now, before the wedding season starts:

  • Learn the skill of mindful eating and adopting healthy eating habits.

  • Invest in a more active lifestyle, look at the benefits of exercise, and set out fitness goals. You can also do some exercise at home.

  • Understand your patterns around foods (like comfort eating, stress eating, etc.

  • Learn meal planning for the week & meal prep so it’s easier to stick to the plan when busy

  • Start seeking guidance from nutrition experts about building an overall goal: lose fat & live a healthier lifestyle ⁣

Remember - building habits takes time! We want to make it as easy as possible to automate good habits.

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